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Insignia Wholesale

W.I.S.E Wednesday.…a Blog for Women In Signs, Etc. (WISE)


Have you seen posts for WISE (Women In Signs, Etc.) on Facebook? LinkedIn? Well, if not, allow me to introduce myself.  I am Wendy Graves, and W.I.S.E. or Women in Signs, Etc. is my brainchild! As more people joined the group, it inspired me to create, “W.I.S.E. Wednesday,” a blog site for the W.I.S.E. Facebook group, and the new and soon debuting podcast, coming, June, 2021! 

My “why” began as support, and other duties as assigned, for my husband’s sign company, Signarama Louisville East, in 2013.  While I continue to support Signarama Louisville East, I am now president of inSIGNia Wholesale. In my new role, my focus has shifted to launching and running the day-to-day operations of the wholesale company.  Suddenly, I found myself amid phenomenal women, enjoying the camaraderie and fellowship. 

WHY weren’t there any social media groups, podcasts, or networks, for this valuable resource of women to share this wealth of knowledge, I asked myself while doing some marketing in January 2021. At that moment, I decided to answer my why and develop this platform to uplift, inspire, encourage, and support all the ladies working in the sign industry.  

Are you interested in being part of this community?  All are welcome! Independent, franchisee, vendor, whatever capacity, every role in the sign industry is welcome.  The only requirement is to be in signs, respectful of others in the community, and female. 

We work in a field that is dominated by men and they have their networks, but being female comes with its special nuances and challenges, as we each know. These challenges, these successes, these WHY’s are what we are here to discuss and learn from our posts, group, and podcast. Our first podcast in June 2021, will cover topics such as surviving the sign industry through a crisis and what rebounding looks like moving forward? Our featured guests, Dawn Ziccardi Tiritter-Bent, Signarama Huntington Station, New York, brings 30 years of experience and advice on longevity. 

Jenna Ahern, owner of Guardian Owl Digital, is a force in the marketing world. Krista Edwards, project manager at Media Resources, will advise on how to juggle large volume accounts and moving up in a family-owned business. They all bring advice to answer many questions and concerns to help our businesses thrive.   

There’s more…but you must come back and be a part of our community! Why? We want a platform for you to ask and share your why’s! Because this blog was created to keep you interested, informed, and connected to W.I.S.E. (Women in Signs, Etc.) and the upcoming W.I.S.E. Wednesday podcast, JUNE 2021!!!!