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Blog 2 – W.I.S.E Wednesday

Did you see the first episode? If not, let me take a minute to share with you what you missed. Dawn Ziccardi Tiritter-Bent with Signarama Huntington Station, NY, shared how her team has survived many struggles throughout her 30+ years in business. As leaders, we are never allowed to run from the situation. In time of stress and uncertainty you tackle it, pick a new direction, and hit it head on with true leadership for your team. Never let the team see you sweat. They need to feel your confidence and know that you will do what is needed to keep them employed. Having fun, giving back, mentoring, and learning every day is key to long term success. Wrapping up the episode, Dawn offers reflection on her legacy. “I would like to think I have helped a lot of people along the way.” I know I can say with great certainty- Dawn my friend, you have helped more than you will ever know.

Wow! Dawn truly gave us the “tea” on how to lead our teams by example while nurturing their confidence to keep our operations running smoothly.  So how can we successfully make sure our project managers or salespeople are equipped to keep our clients feeling warm and fuzzy even if a problem arises?

Krista Edwards with Media Resource provided us an inside look on the size of their company, how she has moved up and now is one of the very trusted project managers with a lot of the high-volume accounts. Key to success?  Building that relationship outside of email. “I always like to have a phone conversation and then follow up with email, this usually gives me an idea of how the relationship will go,” Krista shares. Mistakes are also not avoidable in this type of volume, upwards of 6 million, ladies. You must hit the mistake with focus, own up to it and move forward. In one of her rewarding moments, she recounted taking on an exceptionally large retail client and “feeling like a kid.” But she did the work, showed up and led with internal confidence and in return received a wonderful letter of praise from the client. It reminded me that we all can take on the “big” issues, handle the “big” client, however, we must show up and lead with the knowledge deep inside. Have faith in your ability.

Now with the first two episodes behind us, we ladies are in full swing. July is going to be an action-packed month. The focus will be Marketing. July will bring two podcast episodes with Jenna Ahern, owner of Guardian Owl Digital Boutique (insert bio). They will air July 7th and July 21st. She and I discuss Marketing 101. How to pick a marketing company, how to understand your results and use that to move your company forward with correct ad spending. Episode #2 will dive in a bit deeper on what is trending, what not to do and much more. Jenna brings a true teacher’s spirit, and you will not want to listen without a note pad. 

W.I.S.E is also about engagement and participation. There will be a LIVE marketing event that I will be discussing and providing details on. Settle the kids down, tell the husband to enjoy the game and come watch the FB LIVE panel. The focus will highlight more stellar guests from our trade with great insight that will only enhance the skills we either have, need or want!  We yearn to learn and that is what keeps us wise!!!!! Details to be announced.

Do not miss another podcast! Go NOW to Spotify, and “FOLLOW.”  I’m asking for your help and your feedback is needed. I’m strong and can take your suggestions. Help me spread the word. The more we listen, share, the more it grows and can be found easily. W.I.S.E ladies we are powerful- let’s get our stories of leadership out there. We are taking charge and making our mark in this trade.